At our company we take care of full masonry service. We deal with small repairs, renovations, conservation and large advanced projects. We also specialize in new constructions, renovations,  restorations and repairs. Tell us what’s your problem and we will do the rest!

For example we are specialist in:

  • Mansonry repairs

Every part that Is bulid from bricks is exposed to various factors that can destroy or make a damage to them. In the course of time bricks and mortar joints demands renovation or repairs. Particulary the most exposed for cavities is mortar which connects brick togehter. If it stars to crack and fall out from structure it means that it must be replaced. This process is called repointing.  This work should be done carefully and with the use of appropriate tools. We can’t make any damage to the bricks and disturb the wall structure. We will help you with cracking wall and prevent them at early stage.

  • Chimney repair

Chimney is house element that is exposed on various factors like rain, snow, fire and so on. This element has to be made of high quality materials. If you have noticed any cracks, brick or mortar losses it means that your chimney may need repair. When your chimney is in bad condition there are also other problems. For example leaning chimney, smoke and fumes are backing up into the house or you see any leaks. All this signs inform You about problem. You have to take care of them otherwise you will be forced to rebuild your chimney.

  • Cleaning and waterproofing

The external facades may need renovation too. They accumulate amounts of dirt, dust, stains from water and more things that can make a damage to your brick walls. It is important to secure bricks by using appropriate coatings and water repellents which save your brick for a long time.


Explained services are only examples of our services. We will take care of any renovation, reconstruction and new construction.  


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